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Launch of Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer brings a spoiler from Japan

Star Trek Into Darkness

We published an interesting fan-made teaser trailer the other day for the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness movie. Shortly after posting it, the official teaser for the movie was released.

Now, word is coming from Japan that the same teaser trailer had one additional scene added to it that was excluded from the North American teaser release. First, we’ll show you the teaser itself. If you’re interested in the scene that was excluded, scroll below the video for a description and image from the Japanese teaser.




Star Trek Into Darkness Spoiler

There was speculation that since this is a unique timeline in the Star Trek universe, that the events that happened in the original series as well as the subsequent movies would be wiped away. Then, when rumors started flying that the villain played by Benedict Cumberbatch would be Khan, arguably the most important villain in all of Star Trek lore, visions of the original Wrath of Khan movie started creeping back into play, including the poignant scene near the end after Spock had sacrificed himself when Kirk’s and Spock’s hands touch the glass that separates them. The scene in the Japanese teaser seems to point to a similar ending in this timeline.

Whether it ends the same or not is up for speculation, but considering that this timeline’s Spock is already very different from the original, it’s very likely that director J.J. Abrams is using the familiar visual as a red herring of the movie’s reality. We’ll find out next May.

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