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Less than half of mobile employees are “more productive” in the office

Mobile Employees

Mobile Employees

The thing that most people fear when they have mobile employees is the productivity level. As humans, the common belief is that we’re more productive when people are standing over our shoulders. In this world of mobile connectivity with devices that can do almost anything we need them to do from outside the office, atmospheres have changed and many consider themselves more productive when away from the cubicle.

Is it true? Is it wishful thinking to believe that working from home or while traveling avails us to more efficient working? Some would argue that there are more distractions away from the office. Others would say that the convenience of not having to get dressed up and commute back and forth to and from work makes it clear that mobile rocks.

Below is a portion of an infographic that Gist made about mobile workers in general. Check it out and understand that in the current business atmosphere where fewer people are going into the office everyday, the concept of office work is being redefined. Click to see the entire infographic.

Mobile Workers

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