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There is little doubt that the self-perception of “Mac people” and “PC people” are often completely different, just as the way they look at their counterparts differ. Still, it’s surprising to see just how much difference there is in these perceptions.

This graphic by our friends at Hunch breaks down the debate that has been raging for over a decade. Are you a Mac or a PC? Or neither? The debate will go on as long as both computer types dominate the marketplace.

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  1. I use mac at home and windows 7 at work. I like both of them equally. i never understood what all this war between mac people vs pc people is all about..! 🙁

    1. Agreed. I have a Windows 7 desktop and a Macbook Pro and use both. The Macbook might get a little more use simply by virtue of its portability. I’ve had iMacs, Mac Pros, and PCs provided for my use at workplaces and can use all of them with equal ease and enjoyment. Once in a while one OS is better for a particular task than another, but overall I have no exclusive brand loyalty whatsoever. Both OSes are good for certain things and less good for other things. The brand-myopic hullaballoo baffles me, honestly.

    1. Yeah, just like MacOSX. Remember:Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar,Panther, Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion.

      Also, Windows ads are referring to themselves as PC’s, but that was started with the whole “Hi, I’m a Mac. And I’m a PC” ads.

    2.  There was no “Mojave”, you fool!… And “PC”? What?

      Also, ALL of those (except Mojave and PC, of course) are still known as “Windows”; it was never “re-branded”

      This is why the chart showed that Apple users think they’re gearheads; they’re so ignorant and full of themselves that they don’t even bother to know what they’re talking about.

  2. I Love windows getting my job done easily, by If I have mac I’ll love mac too, and try to get familiar with it

  3. 1. Apple is the most Creative tech corporations in recent tech history, which gives Mac a lot of edge.
    2. What if we have an easy way to do OS switch from time to time so that we could at least try to cross the ‘culture’ line…

    1. Hipsters who drink what they’re told to drink by movies, read what they’re told to read in high school, and buy what they’re told to buy from the “unique” and “differently thinking” Apple Computers.

      1. Maybe, but 80% more likely vegetarian sticks out – that isn’t media influence or peer pressure or education. That’s standing back, taking stock and making a choice. Or rebellion. IMO. Still, other 20% might be sheep 😉

      2. As opposed to the Windows users who buy what they’re told to buy based on “industry standards”, so they can conform to the same things that all the other non-creatives are using?

  4. I’m a PC (read: Windows and Linux) person. This seems about right, although while I know it’s the point, but most of this is pretty subjective (referring to the sections where people see themselves as blah), I’m interested to know the proportion of Mac/PC people are the way they think they are. Also, yeah, Mac people are unique and different, just like they’re brand whiose products all look exactly the same and have not changed in a decade. Also, of course you’ll think your a gearhead when you run on a system designed to be simple and not show you how far the rabbit hole goes.

  5. Macs are great (although i don’t own one). Mac fans (at least my friends) are really fanatic and sometimes i feel like they are trying really hard to make me join the cult! 🙂

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