NASA jumps the gun, tells us why the world didn’t end ahead of it not actually ending


Mayan Calendar

When you’re talking about why the world didn’t end yesterday, the normal way to do so is to make sure that “yesterday” actually already happened. NASA sets aside conventional thought with their latest video that tells why the world didn’t end yesterday. It’s available on YouTube now, but don’t watch it until December 22nd or it won’t really make any sense.

There’s another, more sinister theory. By declaring so boldly that the world isn’t going to end yesterday, are they simply trying to confuse us into believing that when yesterday actually comes, that tomorrow is really right around the corner? Or, if tomorrow isn’t going to come once yesterday gets here, is this just a smokescreen to keep the masses at bay because the world really will end yesterday and tomorrow isn’t going to happen?

I’ve confused myself enough. Here’s the video. See you tomorrow!

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