Netflix gets social thanks to email spying bill


Netflix Family

Netflix has wanted to go social for a long time. They have been held back by an antiquated law that was rightfully removed late last year. Now, people will be able to share their movie and television show loves on social media.

That’s great, and the video for that is below.

Here, we’ll talk more about the warrantless email tapping that was attached to the bill. Here’s an excerpt:

Now, as always, law enforcement does not need to supply a warrant to read your emails. They don’t need probably cause. They don’t even need to suspect that you have committed a crime. They only need to have “reasonable grounds to believe” the information would be useful in an investigation. They only need an administrative subpoena (pdf), a controversial concept itself that is intentionally shrouded in obscurity and incoherent reasoning. Very few things are more vague, even in the US government.

Good for Netflix for getting their restriction pulled, but that doesn’t change the fact that warrantless email tapping is still present today. Read the article from last December here.

Once you’re done reading that article, check out the video from Netflix.


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