As Online Education Grows, Does It Really Make More Sense?


Online Education

The pros and cons of educating students online have been debated since the dawn of the Internet. It has proven over recent years to be both successful as well as loaded with major flaws. As more students move online to get their degrees, is the value of the education considered strong enough to take young people from students into the workforce?

As the bedroom turns into the classroom for more students every day, they point to cost savings and convenience as the primary reasons for the shift. Is education being hurt as a result?

This weekend, we will take a look at the pros and cons and try to make sense of the system as it continues to grow, but first let’s look at this graphic by our friends at SiteJabber as they explore the future of online education at the college level. Click to enlarge.

SiteJabber Rise of the Online Degree

  1. For me this is a great opportunity for students to earn and learn maybe because of these innovations and upgrades they can still be productive in the sense that they can use their saved time for work or other things that can help them to earn.

  2. According to me, It  is great way for teaching students.It will works nicely. Online education is a advantage for the teachers. Using online education, we can quickly get information about specific topic.Online education will increase  the skill of the student.

  3. I think that the online education is comfortable for studies as one can get the information on any topic.This will increase the efficiency of the students to study & innovate new ideas.

    online learning

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