OpenStack: the last IaaS you’ll ever need


There are a lot of advantages to using the cloud in business.  For starters, you don’t have to buy or maintain servers and equipment, which means you don’t have to have a giant office space.  Without all the equipment you will have a more flexible work lifestyle, since all you really will need is a computer and an internet connection.  This means you can offer a flexible workplace to your employees as a job perk.  Finally, you only have to pay a set fee for access, which keeps your operating costs predictable.

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There are currently a lot of options for the public cloud, but not a lot for the private cloud.  All that is about to change, though, as industry leaders and newcomers have come together to create OpenStack.  OpenStack is an infrastructure as a service private cloud platform that has been developed by some of the greatest minds in the tech industry.  Big names such as IBM, HP, eBay, and Intel have worked on OpenStack, but there have also been several brand new companies that have formed to work on this platform.  Among the new companies are Tesora, Nebula, Simplvity, and many others.  Learn who is contributing to OpenStack as well as who is influencing it from this infographic.

Infographic and Header Image courtesy of Tesora.
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