Ousted TechCrunch editor starts fresh with “Uncrunched”

Uncrunched Arrington

Uncrunched Arrington

Very few people are able to post 3 words on a new website and get articles written about it, hundreds of comments, and RSS feed subscribers before the fourth word of a blog post is published. One such person is TechCrunch founder and former editor Michael Arrington.

The humor cannot be missed in the naming of his new site, Uncrunched.

As we mentioned, TechCrunch lost a little credibility when Arrington created CrunchFund, then regained credibility but lost overall power when they ousted him.

Very little is known about what Arrington will use the site for, but since he’s a blogger and the site is built on WordPress, it can be assumed that it will be a personalized venue for him to voice his thoughts, promote his funds, and compete against TechCrunch.

What do you think?

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