Renders of Nokia’s first true Android smartphone have been leaked


BlackBerry and Nokia are prime examples of handset makers that lost their dominant positions in the mobile market because they failed to embrace Android, and while it’s far too late from them to regain their past glory, it’s still possible for them to secure at least respectable piece of the mobile market. Rumors of BlackBerry’s first Android smartphone have been popping up for a few months now, but Nokia has a deal with Microsoft that prevents it from releasing any handsets that still has a few months left before it expires. Once it does expire, however, Nokia has made it clear that it intends to get back in the mobile game, and now we have an idea of what its first device might look like.

Nokia’s future in the smartphone market is somewhat uncertain after Microsoft acquired the company’s Windows Phone branch, but Nokia as a brand is still alive and kicking. Not long ago the company released its first Android-powered tablet dubbed the N1, and there have also been some rumors regarding Nokia’s alleged plans to rejoin the smartphone market on the Android side of things. In the meantime, it has been settled that the company will indeed go back to manufacturing smartphones … but it’s a bit more complicated than than. Check out our Nokia Back To Smartphones: The Night Of The Living Dead? article for more details. While Nokia did release a handful of Android-powered devices already, the experience they deliver is not even close to what a pure Android device would offer. These low-end terminals – like the Nokia X and XL – run on heavily forked / modified versions of Android, and not in a sense of simple customization. However, earlier this year there have been some leaks suggesting that Nokia might release a new higher-end smartphone with a more close-to-vanilla Android OS.

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