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Space Tourism Costs Cut In Half by Space Adventures

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I think it is safe to say that it was everyone has had at least one point in their lives where they dreamt of escaping the gravity of this world and spending some time weightless in space. Well, Space Adventures is going to be offering space flights at half the price of it’s competitors allowing dreamers to visit space for just over $100,000.

The new price point has been achieved by the company teaming up with Armadillo Aerospace, which will be developing rockets for the journeys. Their approach is simple: strap you in, aim towards the sky, shoot you up 62 miles in a rocket, and turn the engines off allowing for zero gravity for about five minutes.

Space Adventures is behind eight trips to the International Space Station taking place since 2001. The company has also begun to plan for trips to the moon lasting eight to nine days, with 45 minutes allowed for moon surface observation from a distance of 100 to 1,000km. The cost for this? $100,000.

Ok, so most of us wont be able to afford the new price point at all; but it does seem like a step in the right direction regarding affordable prices for space flight as the technology matures.

Source: Space Adventures, Wired

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