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The current state of digital education

Digital Education New

Digital Education New

The promise of the internet 2 decades ago was that it would help to reshape the way we do things. Education has always been considered something that a connected world could do better. In many ways, the dream has been realized, but there’s still so much more to do.

From a sheer business perspective, education is a huge market. There are hundreds of companies vying for a spot in the growing digital education field. Most are failing to reach the masses. It’s a hard shield to crack – education has been shrouded behind tradition and stubborn reluctance to change even in light of the potential that computers, tablets, and the internet hold. Will it change?

Considering that 30% of US students fail out of high school, there’s clearly a need for the change.

This infographic by Knewton breaks down the education crisis and explores how this growing industry is finally making the strong shift towards digital. Click to enlarge.

Digital Education Crisis

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