The geekiest chair you’ll ever see


binary chair

Do you want to see the geekiest chair ever? Well, look no further, because the person who brought us the binary low table and other assortments of geeky furniture is now giving us another chair: the Binary Chair 02.

binary chair 1

The Binary Chair 02 (or BNR011000110110100001100001011010010111001001-00110010) is a design crafted by Benjamin Rollins Caldwell. It features a massive collection of parts from an old industrial printer and other computer parts:

The seating surface for the Binary Chair 02 is composed of ethernet cables which have been stripped down to the wires and then weaved in a slightly random configuration in order to complement the chair. The wiresare held in place at the sides of the seat by grounding wire clamps.

The Understucture for both the Binary Chair 01 and Binary Chair 02 are made from the same outdated industrial printer which was disassembled and then riveted together and bent to the proper form. The surfaces of the chairs are completely covered with a collage of motherboards, computer chips, lcd screens and hard drive disks held in place by sheet metal screws. The chair also has an interactive quality as the hard drive disks can be spun, the telephone keys and other buttons can be pressed, and the antennae raised and adjusted. The Binary Chair 01 also has a glass panel showing the inside of the chair which can be revealed by removing the back seat cushion.

It’s amazing how all these bits and pieces can come together and form something so unique and inspiring. Now if only we all put in such effort to make use of our old technology. But I’m still holding out for a game console, joystick, and LCD monitor attachment for this chair — then we would be talking!

  1. Is this chair hazardous to our health with all these toxic products in it? (or am I just being too paranoid when it comes down to e-waste?) either way, never seen a chair like this before :p

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