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The Jenga Pistol: Because You Can’t Trust Your Hands

Anyone who knows me knows that Jenga holds a special place in my heart. I adore the game and – not to toot my own kazoo or anything – but I’m kinda awesome at it. There is, of course, no way I’ll ever be able to prove this to you, but take my word for it. Jenga and I are tight, yo.

Anyway, pursuant to Jenga being totally wicked – and my wickedness at it – check out this equally wicked device by Matthias Wandel: the Jenga Pistol, which you’d probably want to use in a match against a player such as myself.

Even single central blocks are no match for the pistol, which unceremoniously deletes blocks from the pile faster than you can say… well, anything, really. Pick a phrase.

Anyway, you’ve seen the video, and now you want one, and I’d be a terrible man to not give you what you want. For full instructions to building your own Jenga Pistol, Matthias has them available for six bucks. Not a bad price for your local Jenga crown.

What do you think?

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