This is what Google Glass looks like when you take it apart


Google Glass Teardown

It’s not that it’s disappointing or anything. In many ways, it’s anticlimactic to see what the little device that’s causing all the stirring around the blogosphere, at businesses, and even in Washington DC. Google Glass, for all of it’s flaws ahead of its public release, doesn’t have unicorn blood or a phoenix feather inside. It’s just circuits.

The folks over at Catwig took their coveted device and took it apart. Thank you for the sacrifice. More importantly, thank you for the entertaining spin on the boring task of describing circuits, plastic, and yes, glass.

Growing up on a rich diet of dystopian tech fiction, we were filled with both intrigue and concern about Glass and decided to take our model apart to bring you a detailed view into the electronics guts of the device.

Here it is. Be sure to read their entire tearing down process.

Google Glass Teardown Full


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