Video games dominate Hollywood in release week sales



With the start of summer, the start of blockbuster movie season begins. While the money-making is strong for many summer releases, they often pale in comparison to big game releases. Much of it can be attributed to the prices – a newly released video game costs much more than the price of admission to a movie.

Still, there has to be something more to it. Game prices have not gone up as much as movie tickets relatively. Volumes have been increasing. More gamers are born into the world of COD and other franchises every day. Movie watchers, on the other hand, accounts for a steady number of people. The only thing that really changes is the frequency.

This infographic by our friends at GPlus breaks own the domination gaming has over movies from a sheer numbers-perspective. Is this trend, which has been going on for several years now, going to continue or will gaming sales plateau as recent numbers indicate?

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Gaming vs Movies

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