Why businesses do (or do not) need their own app



The question often gets asked by businesses to their marketing firms, “Do we need an app?” The rise in popularity of mobile internet use has prompted the need for more easily accessible mobile functionality for websites.

The real question is, “Do we need an app or a robust mobile site?”

“We went with mobile sites,” said Jarvis Allison at Albuquerque Ford. “We considered an app but we just couldn’t imagine people downloading something that they’re only going to use every two and a half years.”

Many business sites have a mobile variation of them. Web companies are making entire business models around the concept of taking businesses mobile. Other companies are doing the same thing, but pushing people to create apps rather than simply building mobile websites. Which is the right answer?

In almost all cases, it comes down to goals and availability. An app is perfect for some, useless for others. A mobile site is good, but most work great on smartphones but poor on tablets. This graphic by our friends at BuySellAds helps to break it down for business owners. Which is right for you?

The App Option

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