Will Gangnam Style hit one billion views?


Gangnam Style

Social media is growing so quickly. It seems like yesterday that Ashton Kutcher was trying to get to 1 million Twitter followers ahead of CNN. Now, the new magic numbers are higher. On YouTube, the next great milestone will be one billion views on a single video and “Psy – Gangnam Style” is now the top contender to hit the magic number first after passing Justin Bieber’s “Baby” with over 800 million views.

According to Techcrunch:

The video made its YouTube debut on July 15 and currently has over 5.3 million likes and about 320,000 dislikes. Bieber’s “Baby” – which had a nice run at the top of YouTube’s charts since its debut in February 2010 – only has about 1.4 million likes and a whopping 3.2 million dislikes. At least Bieber’s corporate parents won’t be too unhappy about this development: since September, Psy and Bieber work for the same music label.

Here’s the video if you’re one of the dozens who hasn’t see it yet.

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