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World’s First Anti-Social Network Lets You Steer Clear of Jerks


avoidrAs internet folk, we probably all have at least one friend who’s incurably addicted to Foursquare. I definitely do. Steve, this one’s for you.

Y’know those people in your social networks, who you’re only kind of friends with, and you wouldn’t really hang out with those people, but it would be awkward to delete them, so you keep them around hoping they’ll go away, but they just so happen to be the ones who stalk you and comment on everything you say and do online? Y’know, those people? Don’t lie, you’ve got some of those people.

Enter Avoidr.

Assuming you use Foursquare (and are friends with those people you’d rather not run into), you can log into Avoidr and set it up to help keep your less-preferred friends at bay. Simply assign an unpleasant name to the mark (assface, jerkoff, etc) and Avoidr will alert you when said person is in your proximity – and provide the locations of your real friends. Anti-social networking. Why didn’t we think of this before?

Now, this is a little flawed by design, because you do have to have that awkward, pity-based ‘friendship’ with the person for this to work, and both of you need to use Foursquare. But until a social network exists where we can freely add our enemies – Hatebook, perhaps? – this’ll have to do.

What do you think?

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