Yet Another Awesome(?) Bike



Yuji Fujimura has got to get out of my head.

Sometimes, I’ll be rearranging the contents of my wallet and pause for a moment, sensually caressing my credit card’s smooth plastic, and thinking: ‘Gee. I wish I could ride this thing. Y’know, like a bike.’

Enter Fujimura, who has almost suspiciously answered my cries with his Electric Bike Concept v2.

531 585x468 1

A hybrid electric/pedal bike, the v2 uses a lithium ion battery, and folds into what basically amounts to a plastic rectangle…but then again, it looks like one when unfolded, as well. Possibly the saving grace of the design is that there’s a special compartment within which your gadgets can charge from the bike’s battery. Smooth.

As much as this bike is obviously the bike of my dreams, I’m already a large man – a crosswind would be a death sentence on one of these things.

440 585x459 1

1128 585x452 1

[Via Buzz-Beast]
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