Photoshop CS5 Sneak Peak: Content-Aware Fill


Design geeks, begin salivating now. One of the hot new features of Adobe’s Photoshop CS5, due to be announced April 12th, is content-aware fill.

It’s a feature similar to the healing brush, except it works using a variation of the Fill tool. You simply select an area of an image, select the content-aware fill option and the Photoshop pixies disappear and begin working their magic.

The YouTube link shows content-aware fill being used to remove small areas of the image such as leaves and lens flare, but at the end it is used to remove a pretty substantial area of the image.

Adobe charges a lot of money for their Creative Suite software, and I’ve accused them in the past of bloating their software, but this feature looks pretty awesome.

Also note in the video that when cropping, you now see the crop area divided using the ‘rule of thirds’ rather than simply with a mark for the center of the area.

Other expected features are improved painting tools and advanced warp manipulations. Looking forward to April 12th!

source: nackblog

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