The Things We Do for Science: Real-World Grand Theft Auto

My friends and I have always talked about how arcade driving is so much more satisfying than real-world driving; you know, the unrealistically responsive steering, the third-person camera angle. It would be a dream.

What? Yeah, I’ve got friends. Can’t blog all the time.

Anyway, it seems the crew at Rooster Teeth have actually gone and given this concept a real-world shot by blacking out the windows of a pickup truck and securing a camera to the back of it via a really long pole.

I won’t spoil anything, but I will say I am now officially content with real-world driving.

There’s a bit of sailor-talk used in this video, so make sure the kids are busy with their coloring books before you watch this. But do watch it – you won’t see something as entertaining all day.


[Rooster Teeth]

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