All That Glitters Is iPad

If you’ve been following Techi for the last few hours, then you’re already aware I’m all about the iPad today. Yep, today I love it. I’m even pricing them out right now. Y’know, trying to find an iPad tailored to my exacting specifications. One that screams my name. Uh, figuratively, of course.

…Wouldn’t that be creepy.

Anyway, you wanna give me a hand with this? Sweet, thanks, you’re the most. Alright, so check this out, I’m kinda mulling this one over in my head. I’m kind of a ‘gold’ guy, right? I think it’s totally my color, and over at Stuart Hughes they’ve got this really nice gold iPad I’m eyeing up. 22 carats, too. Totally shiny. I’m not really keen on the diamonds, but there’s just so much gold, I think I can live with it. As for specs, it’s the 64gig model, but I’m kind of a data pack rat, so that’s probably a good idea. I don’t really need the 3G, but I guess it’s best to be prepared, yeah?

So yeah, I think I might go with this one. It says ‘£129,995.00’, but that’s foreign, so that’s, like, nothing right? Probably like seven hundred bucks.

Sorry, it’s how much, now?

Oh. Never mind.

[Stuart Hughes]

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