Weekly geek tool review: The Digital Measuring Tape

Ok, so yes we might be nerdy, yes we might have a passion for Star Wars, but that doesn’t mean we still don’t have to hang shelves.

The people over at ThinkGeek.com have answered our prayers and is selling a digital measuring tape. Some of us geeks don’t know how to read ‘five sixteenths’ but we sure know that Aldera is the capital city of Alderaan.

It has a 16 foot length (for those super long shelves) and will display five different forms of measurements – feet inches fractions, inches fractions, inches decimal, feet decimal, centimeters decimal. It easily switches from Imperial to Metric for all you crazy Canadians out there (including myself…. go hockey!).

There is no need for an ‘on’ button as the measuring tape will automatically turn on as you pull out the tape.

I think this is a great idea and would stand behind it. It will definitely save time and keep your measurements accurate. It sells for $24.99 and is probably a wise investment for the geek who a) likes digital screens and b) doesn’t understand ‘all those little lines’ on a measuring tape.

Source – ThinkGeek

By Jay Perry

Photographer and video game junkie from Canada. Follow me on twitter @jayperryMVM

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