“Google Me” Creating Some “Buzz”

Remember when Google created Buzz to compete with Twitter and Facebook and um, other social tools? Remember how it basically fell flat, with Google forcing some people to use Buzz against their will, and a generally lukewarm reception all round?

Well, Google has decided to wander into yet another company’s territory, this time – Facebook.

Digg CEO Kevin Rose tweeted that Google might be launching a Facebook killer called Google Me, although one Twitterer mentions it might simply be an upgrade to the existing Google Profiles service.

Google’s tried and tested “fling stuff at the wall and see if anything sticks” product release method has led them into all kinds of competitive markets, with varying success.

I’m keeping my Facebook account open for now, although I personally would welcome any alternative to the security and privacy nightmare that is the book of faces.

Image via Højrebladet Komet.

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