iPhone 4 Gets Shot, Microwaved – Y’know, Phone Stuff


Cripes, people, it hasn’t even been a week yet. Apple’s working on a fix, alright? I promise. There’s no need to show this level of hostility right outta the gate. Jeez. Some people. I TELL YA.

Anyway, the headline pretty much says everything that needs to be said – you came for some iPhone phuck-uppery, right? iPhone 4 versus sniper rifle. There you go. Just hit play. Bada-bing, bada-google. I’d complain that they should have hired a better sniper for a more interesting shot, but things look so pretty at 500fps that I’m willing to let it slide.

But wait! I also brought an iPhone 4 being microwaved. You like watching phones in microwaves, right? Don’t answer that. Just watch. I have no idea what this video’s doing, or why there’s Indian music, or why there’s a guy with a pitchbent voice, or why the whole video feels sort of uncomfortable. All I know is someone put an iPhone in a microwave. And that’s fun stuff.


MEGA BONUS UPDATE GET: I dunno if it counts as an update if I’m barely finished posting this, but whatever – I’m throwing in an iPhone 3GS being melted by a death ray absolutely free, because I like you. Destruction of Apple products all ’round.


By tydunitz

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