These Speakers for the iPod Look Like Something Out of a Sci-Fi Film

Have you ever been to a house and stated in your head “WTF were they thinking?” when judging their design choices? Now with the help of some docking speakers for your iPod/iPhone you can provoke your friends into thinking the same thoughts.

The iCrystal by Speakal is a new innovative design as far as docking stations go; backlit Omni directional speakers with an illuminated teardrop giving off a gentle blue light around its rim. They have been compared to alien pods, and its hard not to see why. These orb-like speakers definitely give off the feeling of something that is not from our world. Of course, they are definitely terran; powered by four AA batteries, R/C controlled, and even has buttons to adjust volume and switch tracks… hardly alien.

The station works with all types of iPods/iPhones but still has a 3.5mm auxiliary input for other MP3 players. The pods are now shipping in three colors (black, white, red) and go for $79; you can get them here.

Source: Dvice, TheDesignBlog

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