Ballmer Punished For Kin And Lack Of iPad Competitor

Steve Ballmer did not receive his maximum bonus this year because of missteps at Microsoft.

The bald sweaty blob received a cash bonus of $670,000 at the end of June, but the payout is 50% less than his potential maximum bonus.

Ballmer was apparently slapped on the wrist for failures such as the Kin and Microsoft’s failure to bring an iPad competitor to market.

Ironically, despite these failures the blob was still able to raise Microsoft sales 7% to a record high of $62.5 billion.

On top of the bonus, Ballmer received a total salary of $1.34 million, a 6% raise from 2009.

While Microsoft is apparently doing okay, someone somewhere feels that perhaps Microsoft could be more on the ball when it comes to competing in the tech industry.

Perhaps blobby will get his full bonus next year if Windows Phone 7 turns out to be a runaway success, or at least sells for longer than three months.

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