Amazon Cloud Player starts working on iOS

Amazon Cloud Player

When Amazon rolled out their cloud player, it streamed sounds from the cloud flawlessly on Android and the web but wasn’t working at all on iOS. It wasn’t a Flash issue, nor was there any indication why it was so. It simply didn’t work.

Amazon iOS

When you first visit Amazon’s Cloud Player from an iPhone or iPad, you get the standard warning that the browser is incompatible, but if you skip passed it you’ll see that it works. This would be an indication that the change was made on Apple’s end, not Amazon’s. That is not the case, and the warning will likely be removed soon. The change stems from an update rolled out today by Amazon themselves.

What does it mean?

Some speculated that since Apple is planning their own competing service that is backed by the music industry, that they simply didn’t want people to be able to use Amazon’s service. With the change made on Amazon’s end, will Apple continue to allow it? Will they push faster to release their own version of a cloud player?

Regardless of Apple’s intentions, Amazon is alive and well on iOS devices. For now.

Written by Rocco Penn

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