PBS hacked, posts that Tupac is still alive


PBS was hacked today by LulzSec, a notorious group of hackers who attack for “fun and infamy” rather than for financial or activist reasons. Through the database, they secured login credentials and posted an article claiming that rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls were found alive and well in New Zealand.

Through the groups Twitter profile, they have posted images of other credentials and maps they were able to take from the site.

The story they posted reported that a resident of the undisclosed small town named David File had died and left evidence and reports of the rappers’ whereabouts with his family in the United States. Here is a screenshot of the story:

Tupac Shakur Lives
Written by Rocco Penn

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  • Swampwater

    You know this story is fake right off because it claims ‘David File’ was gunned down.  In New Zealand?  Ha ha ha ha ha!  The second most peaceful country in the world?  Now that’s a laugh.

    • LaBellaStasia

      What country is the most peaceful?

    • Capt_Anarchia

      Partly true. The Kiwi thugs are more prone to hacking and/or beating their victims to death. If there are people in a location it is not a peaceful location. Our species is far too prone to violence. “As soon as the third cave man was created, a conspiracy was hatched against one of them.” Col. Hunter Gathers

    • Michael

      You’ve obviously never been there.

  • Tupac is alive. Everyone know she is in Africa with Dave Chapelle.

  • Efw

    Ha, this so funny…. but actually there was a Tupac Shakur living in Christchurch early 2000’s, was listed in a couple of phone books. My wife stumbled over his name looking for someone else, was really funny at the time…

  • JavaGirl

    Of course they’re alive. They are golfing with Elvis, Micheal Jackson and Easy E.