1/3rd of China still uses IE6 while the worldwide number approaches single digits

IE6 Worldwide

The most recent statistics according the IE6 Countdown shows that the world as a whole is at 10.9% usage on IE6. The United States, Turkey, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Autstralia, New Zealand and the UK are at the top (bottom) of the list with under 3% of overall browsers running as IE6. Norway leads everyone at 0.4% and their neighbors in Finland are at 0.8%.

China, on the other hand, is still behind everyone else by far with 33.9% on IE6, followed by South Korea  at 22.3%.

Soon, the number worldwide will drop below the 10% mark, and eventually it will be gone. It won’t be missed.

Written by Rocco Penn

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  • Anonymous

    Should be interesting to see hwo that all turns out.


  • Even though I have my own personal toolbox of well tested IE6 (and IE7) development workarounds, this is music to my ears…always. I could read a story every day about the downfall of IE6 (and 7), and get happy every time! Of course, I don’t have any users from China/South Korea, so I’m not too concerned about their fairly high IE6 usage.

  • brodude

    the reason is obviously because the owners of the PC cafe’s don’t give a shit and don’t want to update their computers.  That’s why South Korea has 22% still using IE6 too.

  • IE?  I didn’t know anyone was using any version of that security risk browser.  I don’t know why Microsoft doesn’t save themselves some cash and a lot of embarrassment by admitting it was a bad job from the start and other browsers are far better and always have been,

    Even though I did have a training position at one time where I taught IE, I have never used it personally on ant Windows or Macintosh system I have ever had.   Other than that one corporate client, I have always steered customers, friends, and relatives to something else.

    There are some good choices available today.  There is no reason to masochistically endure the digital distress of internet Explorer.

  • I find it interesting (and surprising) that South Korea has such a large user base for IE6, where they are more or less the most technically advanced country in the world. I have been to Seoul very much (other than airports) but I have been to other parts of the country and don’t really remember seeing much by way of Internet cafe’s … when you can typically get 100Gbps or higher sent to your home directly, why bother with a cafe?

    Maybe it’s the free internet portals seen almost everywhere (in shopping centres, airports, etc) that might not get updated that account for this figure. There should must be a lot of web designers and developers coding for old technology

  • …moron…

    Wow.  You are a smart one, huh?  If you read the percentage label on china, it states that 33.9% of China’s internet users use IE6 (which, if you are indeed smart enough to do math is approximately 1/3 of China’s internet user population.)  
    In addition, you may notice that china’s portion of the 10.9% IE6 world usage pie chart appears to be approximately 1/2 of the chart.  If you’ve forgotten the basics of pie charts, you could also do more basic math…5.8% divided by the total, 10.9% is approximately 1/2.  Learn math asshat!  Idiot.

  • …moron…

    I hope you’re proud…