Japan’s cure for snoring and sleep apnea – a robotic bear pillow

Robotic Bear Pillow

Robotic Bear Pillow

At some point, the sheer oddity of Japanese technological solutions to various problems will stop surprising us. That day may have come as the latest addition to the long list of creative Japanese problem-solving tech involves a bear pillow, snoring, and a smaller bear glove that monitors blood oxygen levels.

Dr. Kabe from Waseda University’s Kabe Lab created the Jukusui-Kun (Deep Sleep), a robot bear that uses internal microphones to monitor for snoring. As you’ll see in the video below, snoring sounds makes the bear’s hand move towards the face and brush it with a cotton cloth to compel the sleeper to roll over on his or her side.

On the left hand, another bear acts as a pulse-oxygen meter alerting the bear when sleep apnea is reducing the oxygen levels in the blood. It is wireless.

The upcoming projects for students at Kabe Lab include a communicative panda that is aimed at being emotionally sympathetic for depressed people.


By Connor Livingston

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