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Facebook Pages Manager App

It’s about time!

Finally there is an iPhone app for Facebook page administrators to be “on-the-go” and still be up to date with their fans. As a community manager, my business associates and I feel this app will be a great addition to our methods of managing our client’s pages. With social media comes a feeling of instant gratification. I think with social media, there should be timeliness with the response on a post that fans want to see.

Everyone has immediate access to what you post and everything that they post, they want an immediate response on. For a community manager it allows for your fans to be even more engaged. With quicker response times and responses that occur all throughout the day and not just all at one shot, fans will be intrigued to keep checking back on the page for responses.

Even further, the community manager is able to gain a few insights as well. You can see “Total Likes” which can be useful if your client needs an insight quick and you don’t have it available. As far as “People Talking About This” and “Weekly Total Reach,” it might not be incredibly useful, but it is better than nothing when you are in a pinch for some analytics. Along with a nifty graph at the bottom for “Trends,” there are no exact numbers but at least you can get an idea of what is increasing or decreasing.

As community managers, we are in charge of our client’s social media platforms and take full responsibility of posting and responding. We are supposed to engage and speak with users of the page as if we are the client. The release of this app allows us to be in the zone at all times and provides our clients with the best possible service we can offer all from an iPhone.

I suggest this app to all community managers as it is starting to help me, I will guarantee it will help you.

By Nick Renna

Nicholas Renna is a social media guru at fishbat, inc. Along with golf and guitar, he loves his job and looks forward to future developments in the social media industry.

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