Rewind time by adding a 3D cassette tape to your wall

Cassette Tape 3D shelf
Erin Ryan December 31 Design

Flashback to the 80’s and 90’s when mixtapes were a sign of affection and the top 9 at 9 was time to sit and press record. Back then, music took a little more effort to retrieve than it does today and radio was exciting to listen to, especially if you had a boom box that had a record button on it. Music companies flourished in providing us with manual labored music, since every time you wanted to listen to a tune you had to hit rewind or fast forward; no such thing as repeat or shuffle.

It is hard to imagine that it would be the last of the musical era to have to put effort into listening to music that you loved and yet its quality was never the greatest and pencils were a good friend to use to rewind in times the button got stuck or if you wanted to listen to the beginning as soon as you popped it into the tape deck.

This quick memory recall may sound foreign to today’s generation but it is a terrific piece of music history that can easily take us back to when Mariah Carey sounded good and Boyz II Men were a popular boys group. The days when wearing clothes backwards was acceptable and playing outside was cool.

Artists have changed, music is easier to get and has become achievable on small devices, but like everything, they come from something and a tape cassette is just a part of its evolution. That is why having it pop out of your wall would make for a great conversational piece.

Rocket, an online store which produces designs and furniture that is music inspired is where you can purchase this memorable piece of yesterday. The 3D cassette tape has a sticker decal that mimics that of the sticker that we would add to the cassette tape in which we would name and date it and the cassette tape itself is a wooden board that acts like a shelf. So travel back in time and rewind your memories by fast forwarding to today and adding this 3D cassette tape to your wall.

Written by Erin Ryan

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