5 reasons that social media may never die

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Louie Baur February 19 Lifestyle

“Never” is a bold word. It is absolute and endless. To say that something can never happen is one of the most ignorant things that someone can say (or blog) in public. Thankfully, I tempered my statement with the word, “may”.

“Impossible” is word that is similar to “never”. I’ll invoke it now: it isn’t impossible for social media to continue in one form or another indefinitely because of its nature. As long as there are humans, there’s a good chance that there will be some variation of social media. It’s a hard cat to put back in the bag.

The folks over at Dashburst put together a graphic that explains five valid reasons that social media continues to grow in influence. All five reasons lend credence to the concept that as long as humans inhabit the earth and barring a major catastrophe that cuts us all off from one another, that social media will play a role.

Written by Louie Baur

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