Twitter co-founder Biz Stone had mini-blogging ideas before microblogging became a thing

Biz Stone knew all about blogging. He wondered, however, if people would like the concept of mobile blogging that took shorter snippets of information and sent them to their blog through a mobile device. The seeds of Twitter were already apparent before anyone had heard of posting in 140-characters or less.

Even with the best of ideas, timing is still everything. And sometimes you arrive years too early to something big.

Just ask Biz Stone, one of the co-founders of Twitter, who in the early 2000s made multiple attempts to build a simple, lightweight publishing service — all years before Twitter was ever on the radar. In a series of old blog posts, aptly enough, Stone documented much of his thought process of what a Twitter-like product could be, and made several early versions of a short-form blogging service.

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