ZTE smartwatch will reportedly be able to make phone calls on its own

ZTE, a Chinese manufacturer, announced earlier this year that it would be entering the smartwatch market. It is believed that the ZTE smartwatch will be able to make phone calls as it will be able to house a micro-SIM card inside.

A couple of weeks ago it was rumored that Chinese manufacturer ZTE is going to release its smartwatch early next year. The company has confirmed that it does intend on releasing a smartwatch in Q1, 2014. The smartwatch will initially be exclusive to ZTE’s smartphones, though ZTE has said that it will make smartwatches in the future that will work with Android devices from other manufacturers. ZTE smartwatch is expected to offer features similar to the Galaxy Gear at a relatively low price, rumor has it that the device might have a feature that the Galaxy Gear lacks, the ability to make phone calls on its own.

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