LG will be showing off an all-in-one PC and two notebooks at CES 2014

With CES 2014 just a few weeks away, LG has unveiled the computers and notebooks that the company will be showing off in Las Vegas. One, an all-in-one desktop PC, will feature a 27-inch full HD screen. The other two will be notebooks that will feature Intel Core processors, Nvidia graphics cards, and will be running Windows 8.1.

LG has unveiled what computers and notebooks it will be showing at CES in January, alongside audio equipment and large-screened televisions. An update to a sliding notebook launched at the previous event is accompanied by a more conventional version, while a 27-inch Full HD all-in-one desktop PC will also be making an appearance. The LG Ultra PC, model 13Z940, opts for a Haswell-based Intel Core i5 processor, and a choice of 128GB or 256GB solid state drives for storage. The 13.3-inch Full HD IPS display is surrounded by a 4.4mm bezel, with its overall thickness and weight measuring 13.6mm (0.53 inches) and 980g (2.16 pounds). It also introduces a “Reader Mode,” which changes the background of an onscreen image so it appears to be paper, which LG claims to help reduce eye strain and lower energy consumption.

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