3.4 million Ford owners eligible for SYNC AppLink upgrades

Good news if you;re the proud owner of a Ford vehicle 2010 or later, you’re now eligible for a free SYNC AppLink upgrade. SYNC AppLink is basically a piece of in-car technology that allows drivers to use iOS and Android apps, such as Spotify, NPR, TuneIn, and more, and it also allows drivers to navigate the system using voice commands meaning that they will be able to keep their eyes on the road while using the system.

Usually if one wanted to get in-vehicle features, whether it be a new stereo system or a connected dashboard, they would either have to upgrade it themselves or get a new model entirely that would feature said system. Well the good news for drivers who are looking forward to trying out Ford’s SYNC AppLink is that if you own a Ford vehicle 2010 or later, your vehicle should be eligible for a free upgrade to the SYNC AppLink system.

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By Louie Baur

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