Audi shows off book-sized computer capable of driving a car

Carmaker Audi showed off a book-sized circuit board capable of driving a car on Monday at the International Consumer Electronics Show. Audi claims the computer, called zFAS, represents a significant advance in automation technology because it is compact enough to fit into existing vehicles without compromising design.

Audi was on hand at the Consumer Electronics Show once again to showcase their latest efforts in the field of self-driving vehicles. Unlike last year’s demonstration which was limited to an Audi A6 Avant navigating a parking garage at a snail’s pace, the auto maker took guests for a spin on the local highway this time around. For this demonstration, Audi simplified the self-driving technology and managed to shrink the components down to fit into a unit that’s roughly half the size of a shoe box. Here’s how it works.

By Alfie Joshua

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