Beats Music overwhelmed by excessive, day-one traffic

Overwhelming traffic on the fledgling Beats Music service has left many new users on the outside looking in. Excessive demand and use of the service, which became operational Tuesday, led to connectivity issues and new users being unable to register for the service. That led the company to put into operation “a gate” that will slowly allow new users to sign up and claim their Beats Music name.

Beats Music launched for US listeners yesterday on the Web, Android and iOS, but it has already hit a stumbling block today. In a blog post, Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers notes that some users are experiencing issues “due to the extremely high volume of interest” in its service — and says that the company is holding off on letting new people in while it kicks in a plan to deal with the traffic. This means that new users who want to sign up for Beats Music have to wait on it — you can download the app, register and the team behind the music streaming service will then drop you a line “as soon as possible” to invite you into the service.

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