Meet the semi-automatic smart rifle that never misses

In the near future, you won’t even need to know how to fire a rifle to be a crack shot. At the Consumer Electronic Show, the Austin, Texas-based start-up TrackingPoint showed off its all-new 500 Series AR Smart Rifle, a gun that makes it almost impossible for any user to miss.

The TrackingPoint AR Smart Rifle is powerful and deadly—even in the “wrong” hands. Geared toward sport hunters, this Precision Guided Firearm is a closed-loop system, not just a high-tech scope. The system includes a custom rifle manufactured by Surgeon, a Networked Tracking Scope by TrackingPoint, and a guided trigger, all of which work in tandem to ensure a more accurate shot from as much as 500 yards away.

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By Jesseb Shiloh

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