New crowdfunded robots can be programmed and modified

Play-i has already managed to raise over $1.4 million in crowdfunding for its new line of robots. The toy robots can be programmed with an iOS device and even comes with introductory games that teach the basics of programming. The robots can also be modified with andy kind of hardware. 

When we last met Play-i’s charming robots Bo and Yana they were busy pounding out tunes on a little colorful Xylophone and raising $1.4 million in crowdfunding cash. Now, however, they’re very nearly ready to ship and are doing some really impressive things that will help kids learn programming while having fun. You can think of Play-i’s toys as sort of like the simple programming language, Logo, in physical form. You can program the robots using your iOS device and there are a series of introductory games that teach you the rudiments of programming including functions, subroutines, and loops.

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By Connor Livingston

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