Pandora finally adds long requested alarm feature to Android

Pandora has finally added the long requested alarm feature to its Android app after having the option exclusively on iOS devices. The app will wake you up to a station of your choice and allows you to customize how often the alarm should wake up you up during the week. You don’t even have to keep the Pandora app running for it to do so.

No one likes to get up on the wrong side of the bed—that’s like setting the precedent to go out and have a crummy day. Instead, try waking up to your favorite genre of music and the good vibes going early with Pandora’s latest update for Android. Pandora added a baked-in Alarm Clock feature that was previously available only to iOS users. The app will wake you up to a station of your choice, along with album art scrolling in the background. You can then choose to keep listening to the station, or tap the snooze button to get anywhere between five and 20 extra minutes more of shut eye. You can also dismiss the alarm if you’d rather sleep in that day.

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