Mac app lets you record songs on iTunes Radio

doubleTwist, the company behind the popular multi-platform iTunes-compatible doubleTwist Media Player, today brought its new AirPlay Recorder app to the Mac, allowing iTunes users to capture and save streaming audio for offline use. First introduced for Android in January, AirPlay Recorder is designed to record audio, such as streaming songs from iTunes Radio, using AirPlay. 

While you could use an Android device to capture iTunes Radio streams before,DoubleTwist’s latest AirPlay Recorder update brings that functionality to Cupertino’s desktops. Based on the walk-through that the outfit lists on its blog, the Mac app seems pretty simple to implement too. First, select the app as an AirPlay device and then start playing a song or station. That’s it. While some might scoff at the price ($10), convenience doesn’t always come free.

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