Singtrix turns your terrible singing into an amazing cover

Karaoke is fun. Whether you’re doing the singing or watching your friends butcher Journey songs, only a bonafide curmudgeon could pass up a night of “empty orchestra.” And while bars are great places to enjoy warbling with friends, waiting 90 minutes to sing is unacceptable. The Singtrix karaoke kit lets you sing at home without the long waits. Even better, it’ll even make up for your tonal deficiencies. 

Part of karaoke’s appeal isn’t just the opportunity to show off one’s mad skills on the mic — almost everyone can get a kick out of both observing and performing an awful rendition of a Counting Crows song. But that doesn’t mean those of us born with less-than-stellar vocal capabilities wouldn’t occasionally enjoy rocking out without breaking glass and bursting eardrums: enter Singtrix. The creators of Guitar Hero bring us a new kind of karaoke machine — one “that makes bad singers sound great and great singers sound amazing” — complete with “natural onboard pitch-correction,” hundreds of professional vocal effects, and compatibility with any music and any device.

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