Twitter is testing out a massive profile redesign

In its continued quest to make its product more accessible to the masses, Twitter has begun testing a comprehensive visual redesign of its profile pages. The new profile pages feature a big profile picture on the left flanked by a huge, 1500-pixel-wide cover photo with follower counts and tweet counts layered atop it. The tweet stream has been turned into a mosaic-view of tweets. The new profile highlights photo and video tweets, but notably removes any semblance of a chronological vertical “timeline” from the profile. 

Twitter intends to spruce things up in the future by testing a major profile redesign which is not too far away from that of Facebook and Google+. Apparently, the update would see one’s main picture as well as bio information scaled over to the left, offering a whole lot more real estate that has been dedicated to the header photo. This is a stark departure from Twitter’s signature look and feel, with more focus being placed on photos and content cards. Apart from that, this Twitter profile redesign would be making a move away from the vertical timeline. It is not uncommon for Twitter to test out their new features and redesign on the quiet, before introducing it to the masses after making the necessary tweaks.

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