BlackBerry adds multi-person image chats and larger file transfers to BBM

A couple of weeks ago, BlackBerry updated its popular BBM app to version 2.0 with a number of new features, including BBM Voice and BBM Channels. Now, the company has announced that even more enhancements are coming soon to the app. These new features and improvements include the ability to share photos in multi-person chats. This comes in addition to the already existing sharing options, such as the one for location sharing introduced in BBM 2.0.

BlackBerry has been on a BBM roll lately, unleashing the messaging service on not just iOS and Android but Windows Phone as well. However, that’s not all that’s up the Waterloo company’s sleeve. A new version of BBM is in the pipeline, and it’ll have a few new features that will delight the BBM power users amongst you. For one thing, you’ll finally be able to share photos in multi person chats, plus you’ll get the ability to send files that are up to 16MB in size — the current limit is 6MB. In a response to customer feedback, BlackBerry also promises that the size of the emoticons will be bigger. There’s no clear timeline on just when this update will roll out, but we’re just happy that BlackBerry has plans to improve its messaging app beyond mere stickers.

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