Uber shares its insurance policy following major leak

A couple of days ago, the San Francisco Bay Guardian got hold of the holy grail of Lyft/UberX detractors, a document long sought by taxi companies and others calling for greater oversight of these ride services. On Monday night, the Guardian posted Uber’s secret insurance policy. The weekly said that someone sent it the document anonymously, and that it was sent to a number of taxi-industry advocates as well.

For the past several months, members of the Seattle City Council have called out companies like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar for not sharing their insurance policies, saying that they need to see the documents in order to help form requirements for regulation. Now, though, Uber has answers — but only after an anonymous leaker revealed the previously secret information. Uber just posted a blog that includes a link to the 33-page policy, which you can view here. The company’s decision to reveal this information comes after an anonymous person on Monday shared Uber’s policy with taxi companies and the San Francisco Bay Guardian, which had confirmed its authenticity.

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