Apple rests its case in second patent trial with Samsung

Apple lawyers on Friday concluded their side of arguments in the latest spat with Samsung, bringing the initial phase of the company’s case to a close after five days of court proceedings. Last on the stand for Apple was economist Chris Vellturo, who was called upon to explain why Samsung’s alleged patent infringement cost Apple nearly $2.2 billion in damages. Samsung attorney John Quinn argued case documents showed the Korean company’s rise to success in the smartphone industry had nothing to do with Apple’s patents.

Apple’s presentation to the jury in the second Apple-Samsung patent trial is over, with attorneys for the iPhone maker resting their case as expected on Friday following the completion of damages expert Christopher Vellturo’s detailed explanation of why Apple is asking for $2.191 billion in total from Samsung. Apple had one final witness on its list, but decided against calling him following Vellturo’s testimony. Samsung has already begun its presentation, which seeks to minimize the value of Apple’s royalties and calls the damages estimate “grossly inflated.”

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