Google updates its virtual tour guide app for Google Glass

The Field Trip app for Google Glass was updated Tuesday with new voice commands and personalization features. Google Glass Explorers can now activate the exploration and discovery app with a voice command and tailor the information they see to their interests. Field Trip, which first came to Google Glass last summer, is essentially a virtual tour guide. As you walk around an area, the app surfaces cards about locations nearby. 

Google has updated its Glass smart headwear with three changes to make it more usable. At the same time as the software update, Google’s Niantic Labs has improved its Field Trip app for Glass, adding a new voice command that immediately takes users not only to the app, but also immediately starts recommending places to visit nearby. Google Glass now adds an option to back up photographs and videos when plugged in and on Wi-Fi, so that users don’t have to worry about their data plan being unexpectedly consumed. Users with larger data allowances can still override this setting, and force backups to occur over a cellular connection by swiping to the Auto Back-up card in the settings and tapping to commence. The second change also relates to the Auto Back-up card, with the addition of a swipe forward command to clear synchronized photos and videos from the timeline to free up the onboard storage. 

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